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Founded in 1992, TIC Logistics specializes in supporting aircraft parts manufacturers, airlines, and heavy maintenance facilities within the global military, corporate, commercial, defense, and aerospace market. TIC provides a complete range of import and export forwarding services, including AOG and critical requests.

The goal of TIC Logistics is to provide our customers with outstanding service that will increase performance, lower costs, and reduce risks. TIC continuously seeks to improve, progress, and develop new ideas in order to always provide ingenious and price competitive business solutions.

TIC is a wholly minority owned corporation.

Industry Knowledge

TIC Logistics was one of the first...

TIC was one of the first corporations to be certified under the requirements and regulations of the TSA security program for Certified Cargo Screening facility in Miami (effective 01/15/2009).

TIC Logistics has over 20 years of experience...

TIC Logistics has over 20 years of experience managing cargo and tendering cargo to passenger aircrafts, including dangerous goods, while complying 100% with TSA Screening Security Requirements.