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SEMAN Joint Venture (MRO) – FAA Approved Repair Station

TIC Logistics and SEMAN Peru entered into a strategic Joint Venture to unify each company’s unparalleled and complementary industry expertise, experience, and capabilities. The Joint Venture offers everything from MRO to line maintenance support for aircraft manufacturers, airlines, financial institutions, insurance companies, leasing companies, and cargo and corporate aircraft operators from around the world.

Our innovative venture provides comprehensive services, offering support for every step of the maintenance, repair, or modification process. This includes arranging the inbound flight to our MRO facilities, completing the customs process, providing logistical support for the temporary aircraft internment, arranging the necessary repairrelated parts and mechanic professionals, arranging the facilities and support for the crew and customer tech reps during the entire repair term, and arranging the outbound flight of the plane to its final destination.

We may provide one-time services or establish long-term solutions for your every need.

Heavy Maintenance – Phase A, B, C, D checks, ADs
Engine repair
Structural and Interior Modifications
Landing Gears
Full Aircraft Teardown and Reclamation
Avionics repairs and installations
Full Aircraft Stripping and Painting, Logo Design Services
Line Maintenance
Global Logistics Services and Support
Inventory Management and Planning
Technical Support
Records, Document Services